The Steve King Foundation has been so supportive for our family. My husband, Brian Steinman, was in an accident five years ago at Lernerville Speedway, racing a 410 sprint. He suffered a spinal cord injury among many others, but the spinal cord injury left him a quadriplegic facing life in a wheelchair. He was in the hospital a total of three months before being discharged. When I went home the first time after the accident, looked through the huge stack of mail, I opened a letter from the Steve King Foundation and found a generous donation. They didn’t know me or Brian, had no clue what type of people we are, all they knew is that he was hurt racing, and that is all that mattered to them. That was the first of many supportive e-mails, letters and donations. They truly cared about us and wanted to know more about our situation. They also helped to raise enough money for Brian’s off-road wheelchair by reaching out to the racing community for donations on their website. When the chair was ready to go, one of the founders of Steve King Foundation actually flew to our home town to present it to him at a local race track.

It didn’t stop there. About four years after his accident, Brian had a complication from his injury that required another surgery and a stay in the hospital, as well as a long recovery at home. We received another generous donation to help with the medical costs even then, four years later.

It’s now been five years and Brian still loves to follow racing. As many of you race fans know, too many drivers are having serious accidents requiring extreme medical care, which requires a lot of sacrifice for their family. But a racing family extends further than wives, parents, aunts and uncles… IT’S THE WHOLE RACING COMMUNITY! Race fans, crews, drivers, officials, flagmen and rescue crew can all help to support families in this position by making a donation to the Steve King Foundation to help families like ours. This is a great cause that many people are passionate about. Please find it in your hearts to contribute to helping the racing community.