Reach Out to Request Help From the Racing Community

Are you a member of the dirt racing community or the immediate family of a driver, crew member, or official dealing with injury, illness, or death-related expenses? Apply to get the hope and assistance you need from the Steve King Foundation.


Connect with hearts throughout the racing community and see how the Steve King Foundation has touched the lives of those in the racing community across the U.S. and around the world.

Racer Tracy Hines

The Steve King Foundation is also extremely impressive as they seem to be on top of what’s really happening in racing. They keep up-to-date on any injured drivers or crew members – they’re out there actively looking for people to help. My family and I are grateful for the support they gave us in our time of need and we feel honored to be connected to such an outstanding organization.

Tracy Hines
Racer Jeff Shepard with his racecar

The Steve King Foundation was such a big help with my recovery – they are God sent! They spearheaded the majority of the recovery for my family and me. Without them and their racing knowledge and support and the outreach that they have, a lot of things would not have happened as quickly as we needed them to.

Jeff Shepard
Racer Travis Rilat with his wife and daughter

Thank you so much for the Silly Bandz, signature card and all the thoughts and prayers. Travis is getting better and stronger every day. We hung his card on the wall in his room. He told me it really helps him to know how many people care about him.

Racer Brian Steinman in his off-road wheelchair with his wife and kid

The Steve King Foundation has been so supportive for our family. My husband, Brian Steinman, was in an accident five years ago at Lernerville Speedway, racing a 410 sprint. He suffered a spinal cord injury among many others, but the spinal cord injury left him a quadriplegic facing life in a wheelchair. He was in the hospital a total of three months before being discharged. When I went home the first time after the accident, looked through the huge stack of mail, I opened a letter from the Steve King Foundation and found a generous donation. They didn’t know me or Brian, had no clue what type of people we are, all they knew is that he was hurt racing, and that is all that mattered to them. That was the first of many supportive e-mails, letters and donations. They truly cared about us and wanted to know more about our situation. They also helped to raise enough money for Brian’s off-road wheelchair by reaching out to the racing community for donations on their website. When the chair was ready to go, one of the founders of Steve King Foundation actually flew to our home town to present it to him at a local race track.

It didn’t stop there. About four years after his accident, Brian had a complication from his injury that required another surgery and a stay in the hospital, as well as a long recovery at home. We received another generous donation to help with the medical costs even then, four years later.

It’s now been five years and Brian still loves to follow racing. As many of you race fans know, too many drivers are having serious accidents requiring extreme medical care, which requires a lot of sacrifice for their family. But a racing family extends further than wives, parents, aunts and uncles… IT’S THE WHOLE RACING COMMUNITY! Race fans, crews, drivers, officials, flagmen and rescue crew can all help to support families in this position by making a donation to the Steve King Foundation to help families like ours. This is a great cause that many people are passionate about. Please find it in your hearts to contribute to helping the racing community.

Bri Steinman
Racer Terry McCarl with his wife and sons

Your help is very much appreciated. You are wonderful people.

Terry McCarl
Kevin Kilgore

Having been born into the Western Pennsylvania racing community I have been building and working on sprint cars and big block modifieds for 30 yrs. In early 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3-4 head and neck cancer. I immediately started treatment. Bill Beck contacted Naomi King who in turn personally called and said a check was in the mail to help with all my travel expenses. I was blown away by this Steve King Foundation and what they have done for me. Thanks will not be enough. I will donate time and help organize events or anything else I can do to see that this great organization continues on. The battle is still being fought but I will win this race. Thanks so much Naomi King and the Steve King Foundation for all your help.

Kevin Kilgore
D.J. Lamance's dirt racing car

Thank you so much for your help getting through, I cannot thank you enough. The money we have received from the foundation has truly saved us. We would have never made it without the assistance. Lamance Racing will be flying the Steve King Foundation banner going forward.

D.J. Lamance
Racer Jason Johnson with his wife and son

Don’t know where to start other than saying thank you!

Jason Johnson
Racer Jamie Ball

I was severely injured at the Knoxville Raceway on June 30, 2012. Another car broke through the cockpit of my car and shattered my elbow, hurt my thigh and stabbed a bumper under my armpit, off my ribs, through my collar bone and out my back. I was flown by life flight to Des Moines, IA where I would spend multiple days recovering. Reconstructing my elbow and getting back to normal daily life took months and I did not race again for nearly nine months. The Steve King Foundation stepped in to help my family and I financially during this tough time. They did so without asking and with such care. It was the worst time of my life but the individuals at the Steve King Foundation were able to help us see the love and care that the racing community gives during a fellow racer’s time of need. Great organization with a great purpose led by amazing individuals. Thank you!

Jamie Ball
Racer Shane Wenninger

I just wanted to say thank you for the donation of support. We are completely humbled and blessed to have such great people in our lives. Thank you doesn’t even describe how we feel for the help. Thank you so much!!

Shane Wenninger
Racer Patrick Strasa in victory lane in 2014

The Steve King Foundation helped with my medical and rehab expenses. Without their help, my recovery would have taken longer and been more stressful.

Patrick Stasa
Racer Jake Waters

On July 3, 2016 I was severely burned after an accident racing sprint cars at Selinsgrove (PA) Speedway. I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 35% of my body (arms, stomach, legs) even after wearing all approved safety equipment. I spent 29 days in the burn center at Lehigh Valley. As I’ve recovered the outpouring of support from the racing community has been more than overwhelming. The Steve King Foundation was one of the first organizations to step up once they heard about me. Knowing what I had ahead of me, they got in touch with my family and did what they could to make sure our needs were taken care of. It’s so amazing that they are out there to help people like myself.

Jake Waters
Racer Joey Saldana with his wife and two sons

The Steve King Foundation blessed not only me, but my father as well. In 2011 I was severely injured while racing at Eldora during the King’s Royal. I missed 30 races due to my injuries. This had a significant impact on me as racing is my livelihood. The Steve King Foundation helped me during this very difficult time. The foundation also helped my father, Lil’ Joe Saldana, while he was battling cancer. My dad was so thankful that the foundation reached out to him. My entire family is grateful for the kindness and generosity that the Steve King Foundation has shown my father and me as well as all the others it has helped and will continue to help.

Joey Saldana
Racer Josh Jackson

My son, Josh Jackson, was tragically injured on August 8th, 2015 when he was racing the #37 360 non-wing sprint car. Josh suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost his left eye when another car crashed into the top of his roll cage in a multi-car accident. Josh was 17 at the time and four days away from starting his senior year of high school. The accident put his life on hold for just under a year. Josh required a total of seven surgeries and eight months in two different rehab hospitals. With the help of the Steve King Foundation I was able to remain by my son’s side as he recovered. I will always be thankful to the foundation and to our family friends, Kent and Shari Skaggs, who knew about the foundation and completed the application for us. Josh is still on the road to recovery but is doing absolutely amazing! Josh graduated high school and is back racing. No words will ever be enough to express how grateful Josh and I are for the support of such an amazing foundation!

Ginger Jackson